IELTS now at Karabük University with British Council
British Council's paper and pencil work, IELTS the world's best-known exam for education and immigration, after Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Erzurum and Antalya, now in with the computer option Karabük! For the first computer-based IELTS that will take place at Karabük University School of Foreign Languages on November 13, 2019, registration has been opened via the British Council Turkey website.
As an alternative to the IELTS exam with paper and pencil, computer-based IELTS is now available only in British Council and Karabük. The first one for the IELTS exam, which will be held in Karabük University on November 13th, is carried out on the British Council website (
The IELTS exam, which is offered by the British Council for the first time in the Black Sea region, offers more exam dates, more exam locations and the option to learn the results faster. Thanks to the IELTS exam, which is carried out over the computer, participants can now choose the most suitable exam method and exam date and learn the results of the exam much faster within 5-7 working days after completion of the exam. Personalized headphones in the IELTS exam via computer also offer participants a more focused and comfortable listening advantage.
Although IELTS does not replace the IELTS exam with paper and pencil, it offers more options in terms of more exam dates and delivering results. In Karabük, the IELTS exam can be taken over the computer, which will be held seven days a week, three sessions: morning-noon and afternoon.
Exam content, structure and exam duration are the same in both options. Those who prefer to take the IELTS exam via computer complete the ‘Listening’, ‘Reading’ and ‘Writing’ sections by using computer. The ‘listening’ section offers the advantage of a personalized headset. The ‘speaking’ exam continues to be performed face-to-face in order to better evaluate speech skills. Participants can be assured that they take the same reliable English exam, regardless of whether the IELTS exam they take is carried out on paper and pencil or on a computer.
With IELTS, the world's best-known exam for education, work or immigration, the British Council opens new doors to millions of people around the world looking for different opportunities to change their lives. For more information about the IELTS exam, please visit