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Dr. POLAT earned dual BA degrees in English Language Teaching (2010) and International Relations (2019) from Anadolu University. He completed his PhD in Curriculum and Instruction (2019) at the same university and has been a faculty member at Karabük University School of Foreign Languages since 2012. Dr. POLAT’s primary research areas include curriculum development, foreign language teaching, and higher education internationalization. He has authored numerous papers for international congresses, European Union and TÜBİTAK projects, as well as international articles and book chapters
Vice Manager
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Kürşat ARSLAN graduated with a bachelor's degree in the ELT department at Istanbul University and then earned his master’s degree in educational administration from Karabük University. He is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in educational administration at Gazi University. ARSLAN’s areas of expertise include educational administration, educational leadership, school improvement, internationalization in higher education, and international students. He has published articles, book chapters, and papers in distinguished international journals. He is currently a faculty member at the Karabük University School of Foreign Languages.