Frequenty Asked Questions
+ 1. How long is the English Preparatory Course? It is a one academic year course. However, at the beginning of the academic year, a placement exam is applied, and you are placed into a level according to your score in that exam. Based on that, you can finish prep school in the fall term or at the end of the spring term.

+ 2. What are the levels in English Prep School? There are four levels that start from General English at the basic level and focus more on English for Academic Purposes at higher levels. For detailed information on levels and learning outcomes please check the student handbook.

+ 3. How can I access to my course schedule? Your level and weekly course schedule is announced in PREP Smart.

+ 4. What are the course materials? How can I obtain them? The course materials and how to obtain them are announced on SFL website at the beginning of each period. You cannot attend the class without the course materials.

+ 5. How can I successfully complete English Prep Course? The students who complete Level 4 successfully finish English Prep Course, and they can continue studying in their departments.

+ 6. How can I complete a level successfully? In order to complete a level successfully, your level average must be 65 and/or higher. Level average grade is calculated based on the scores you get on exams and assessment tools specified in English prep School Rules and Regulations.

* The level average grade of the students who exceed the absenteeism hour limit is not calculated. Those students repeat the same level regardless of their exam scores.

+ 7. Is attendance compulsory? How many class hours do I have for absenteeism? Regular attendance is required in School of Foreign Languages, and each student has to attend %85 of the classes. The upper limit for absenteeism is 36 (thirty-six) class hours for each 8-week module. The students who exceed this limit cannot take the End of Level Exam and repeat the same level.

+ 8. Can I attend the class if I am late? Latecomers are not allowed to enter the class until the next lesson hour after the break.

+ 9. Are medical reports valid for absenteeism? Medical reports are not deducted from absenteeism (except for COVID-19 and committee reports for cases requiring treatment for 20 days or more).

+ 10. What can I do in case of a mistake in my absenteeism record? You can send a petition including the day/hour details to

+ 11. For which exams a make-up exam is applied? Make-up exams are applied only for midterm and End of Level (ELT) exams.

+ 12. How can I take a make-up exam?The students who want to take the makeup exam should deliver their health reports or any other formal papers showing their excuses to SFL Student Affairs Desk following the end of their excuses in five days at the latest.

+ 13. Where can I check my exam results? You can check your account on PREP Smart for your exam results.

+ 14. How can I object to my exam result? You can object to your exam results by sending a petition to within three workdays following the announcement of the results. The result regarding the examination of the paper again by the commission will be announced to the student by SFL student affairs.

+ 15. Where is SFL Student Affairs Desk? For which procedures can I consult the desk? You can consult SFL Student Affairs Desk with a petition for the following procedures:

· Student Certificate
· Document for completing prep program
· Objection to exam results
· Excuse letters for personal issues and/or makeup exam