Director's Message
Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa POLAT
The Director of School of Foreign Languages

Dear Students,

Welcome to the heart of modern education. From this moment on, you will definitely enjoy the pride and happiness of being a member of the Karabük University family. As the School of Foreign Languages, we are happy to welcome you, our dear students, who have joined us after a period of hard labour and patience. I congratulate our new students on their first step to the hopeful future by being admitted to this university.

The goal of the School of Foreign Languages in Karabük University is to furnish the students to graduate from all the faculties, schools, and vocational schools with the knowledge and skills of a foreign language required for accessing the up-to-date information, following any current releases for their academic studies, getting acquainted with different cultures and introducing their own culture in exchange, on the way to attain the targets of this university. Having employed the purpose of attaining continuous development in class management and language teaching, and making use of all the possibilities of technology on this way, this School takes it upon itself to impose the same spirit to its students, as well. In order to accomplish these goals, the School of Foreign Languages renders the physical infrastructure and qualified circumstances of education to provide the students acquire the knowledge and skills of a foreign language by the creative, young, and dynamic staff that also places importance to social development beside language education.

The globalising world witnesses that science and technology is improving in a fast manner, overseas tourism and international relationships are gaining importance, the borders between countries are being removed, and therefore competition is gaining speed. In order to avoid getting alone in this world of high competition, to keep pace with the developing technology, and to get a share from prosperity, it is a must to open to outer world. And the first requirement to do this is to speak a foreign language.

In consideration with all these, you, dear students, are supposed to act in a responsible manner to learn the foreign language, taking the advantage of the education facilities served to your side to the fullest extent.

I wish a year of success to all students.