About Us
About Us

Karabük University School of Foreign Languages provides compulsory English preparatory courses for Higher Vocational School, undergraduate, and graduate programs. Students who fail in exemption exam are placed in groups according to their levels of language ability. These students are instructed in a class of 20 students using contemporary education technology in an interactive environment.

In our school, translation and professionally-oriented courses in English including reading, listening, writing and speaking are instructed. The aim of our students-centered courses is to make the education easier and more permanent via students’constant presentations. Our School of Foreign Languages consists of  two departments : the Foreign Language Preparation Department ,and the Department of Translation and Interpreting.


Prep Unit connected to Karabük University was established as a coordinatorship directly connected  to  Rectorship in order to carry out the departments’ foreign language preparation and courses for  associate degree, undergraduate and post graduate programmes at the time when there wasn’t  prep education, and  the number of students and faculties was a lot fewer compared to the present.

After the establishment of Compulsory Prep Programs , English Prep School has continued to provide prep education and the need of  English courses for the departments. The decision to convert the Coordinatorship of Prep Programs into School of Foreign Languages was made with the Senate decision,dated 06/ 05/ 2009 and no. 2009/08. School of Foreign Languages proposed The Higher Council of Education to found  was established with the Cabinet decision dated 01/02/2010, published in official gazette dated 26/02/2010 and no. 27505.