PD Seminar on Stress Management & Reading Long/Academic Texts
On 15 and 16 October 2019, seminars were held on stress management, reading skill education with long academic texts, various methodologies in academic skill-focused courses and effective use of Skilful textbooks.
In the session organized by Semih İrfaner, the source contents of the Skilful series and the effective and practical use of the materials were discussed.
In the first session organized by Teresa Doğuelli, student-centered and entertaining activities that could be used in academic skill-focused courses were shared and how resources could be adapted in this direction was discussed.
In the second session, stressful situations and causes of stress were discussed and sample strategies on methods of avoiding and coping with stress were shared.
In the last session, the activities that can be applied pre-reading, while and post-reading were shared in reading skill classes where long academic texts were used and classroom management skills to be considered in these lessons were emphasized.