18.01.2024 - 10:00 Placement Test Information
Only students who have not started preparatory education in the previous period and have a valid application will take this exam.

CLICK HERE for the list of students including the classroom and time information of your Placement Test. Click on - - Sinav Türünü Seçiniz - -  and choose KBU SFL Placement Test Student List from the list. You can search for your test place and time information with your student number.  If you do not know your student number, click CLICK HERE to learn it.

Do not be late for the exam. Latecomers will not be accepted to the exam! You can find the informative video about the exam below:

The things you must have with you for the Placement Test are listed below:

- Republic of Turkey ID Card, Karabük University Student ID Card, Student Certificate (you can get it from e-Devlet), Driver's License, Residence Permit or Passport. It is compulsory to bring at least on of these documents; otherwise, you will not be allowed to take the exam.

- Since test booklets and optical forms will be used in the Placement Test, you must bring pencils, erasers, and sharpeners etc. with you.

* According to the results of the Placement Test, our students will be placed in classes that will be created at 3 levels: Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4.
* Only the students who are determined to be at level Level 4 according to the results of the Placement Test will be able to take the English Proficiency Test on 19.01.2024. The time and place information for Proficiency Test will be announced later.

* Students whose levels are Level 2 or Level 3 according to the results of the Placement Test will not take the English Proficiency Test.