Placement Exam on 08.10.2021
Dear Students,

For those who have recently registered to the university (until 07.10.2021) and those who have not taken the exam yet, a new placement test will be held on Friday, 08.10.2021.
Placement exam (online) will start at 11.00 on 08.10.2021. 
Participation in the Placement Exam is mandatory. Students who do not take the exam will not be able to begin the prep class.
The English Placement Exam will start on Friday, 08.10.2021, at 11:00. You can start the exam until 11.30. Those who try to login to the system after 11.30 cannot access the exam, therefore it is mandatory to login and start the exam between 11.00 - 11.30.
The exam starts with the listening section, so you need to use headphones or be in a quiet place during the exam if you are taking the exam from your computer.
Attention! Since the placement test measures your foreign language level, not success, it is very important to determine your foreign language level correctly. If your language level is higher or lower than it is by using different methods, you will have to receive language training at a level you are not ready for and ultimately fail.

Placement Exam (online)
08 October 2021, Friday, 11.00

Important! Use Chrome browser to take the exam!

Login Page:

Attention All Students! Your login information is:
Username: Student Number (Example: 21088881234)
Password: ID Number 
(Example: 12345678910)

Attention! If you cannot login the system, you should login OBS and check your ID number.

Important! If you cannot log in to the system even though you have entered your information correctly, you may not be defined as a Prep class student. You need to contact university Student Affairs and have your status corrected. Students in this situation cannot take the exam on 08.10.2021, and they will be directed with a new announcement on the website.
Important: There are three different exam levels. It might take 20 to 80 minutes depending on your English level. Please read the exam messages carefully. Announcement about the results will be made later on the website.

Lab101 and Lab114 at the SFL Building are available for students who are in Karabük and need internet access to take the exam.