P4 - Level 4 - ELT Speaking Exam (10-11.06.2021)
Dear Students,
P4 - Level 4 - ELT Speaking Exam will be held on 10-11.06.2021. 

Speaking part of the Level 4 - ELT exam will be done in Microsoft Teams classrooms. You need to have a computer/laptop or a mobile phone all with internet access. You also need a camera /webcam feature in addition to the features above. The exam sessions will be recorded/video recorded by the examiners for assessment purposes.

All the students will have been added to the groups on Microsoft Teams. You should log in the system and join the meeting at the specified time. 

*You need to show your ID Card / passport with a photo before you start the exam. 

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For Log In:

Username: Student Id@ogrenci.karabuk.edu.tr

Password: First Five Digit Numbers of Tr Identification Number + Kbu*


For example - Username: 20212345678@ogrenci.karabuk.edu.tr 

For example - Password: 12345Kbu*

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You can also visit Kbuzem website.

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