Placement Exam 12.10.2020
For those who have recently registered to the university and those who have not taken the exam yet, a new placement test will be held on Monday, 12.10.2020.
The Placement Exam will start on Monday, 12.10.2020, at 11:00You can start the exam until 11.30. Those who try to login to the system after 11.30 cannot access the exam, therefore it is mandatory to login and start the exam between 11.00-11.30.
You can login for the exam on the exam day (Monday) at (Do not try to login before).
The exam starts with the listening section, so you should use headphones or be in a quiet place during the exam if you are taking the exam using your computer.
Attention! Since the placement test measures your foreign language level, not success, it is very important to determine your foreign language level correctly. If your language level is higher or lower than it is by using different methods, you will have to receive language training at a level you are not ready for and ultimately fail.
On the day of the exam, you must log in to the system 1 hour before the exam and make sure that you see the exam on the screen. Those who cannot log into the system should fill in the Error Reporting form.

Login Page:

Attention All Students! Your login information is:
Username: student number
Password: last 5 digits of student number