Summer School Portfolio & Google Class Codes & Assessment
Dear Students,

Summer School Assessment details are as below:

Online Midterm       - 30 %  (26 July 2020)
Language Portfolio - 15 % (on Google classroom)
Online programe studies - 5 %
ELT   50 % (15 August 2020)

Online Program details will be announced later.

Google classroom codes: Please contact your teacher during online lessons if you have any problems.

S-Z-01: sabrcqf
S-Z-02: m3nnh7t
S-Z-03: dmjajwh
S-Z-04: 7c54dj6
S-Z-05: ropftjm
S-Z-06: n7zqmbs
S-Z-07: lxz7wsn

Google Classroom Student Guideline: How to send tasks and etc.

Writing task first draft deadline: You must write it within the day when task is assigned.
Writing task final draft deadline: You will receive feedback on your first draft within max four days. You must write the final draft until the next day when you receive feedback on your first draft. Remember to make necessary changes and improvements in your work.
Vocabulary Journal Deadline: You must complete one piece of journal for each unit (total 8 units) at the end of each unit in the course.

Late submissions: 0 points
Any plagiarism (from online/textbook sources or another student work): 0 points
Only first drafts with no final drafts: 0 points
No improvement on the final draft: evaluated by less than out of 20.

Wish you a successful period,