About LAB-Assessment-Online Courses-Materials
Dear Students,
Here are some details of period 4 program to inform and remind you about the important points.

Please click on the link to find out the assessment tools and exams. Online exams consist of only multiple-choice questions; writing/speaking tasks are not included.
LAB program (by Macmillan and PEARSON) will be provided for free. You do not have to buy coursebooks for LAB access. You will be informed about the details soon, please follow our website announcements.

Online Courses and Attendance
Due to technical problems, you sometimes might have difficulty in attending online courses. You will be exempted from absenteeism caused by these reasons. If you miss a lesson due to technical problems, you can watch the lesson in “kbuzem” platform as each lesson is recorded there. You can find all the lessons, so you are free to choose any day and any teacher’s lesson.

Extra Materials
Please check our page for free extra materials and useful websites.

Problems and requests
You can fill in the form when you have any problems/questions about the program.

Wish you healthy days,
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