About Preps System
Dear Students,

Please check the following information about Preps system, preps.karabuk.edu.tr

- To login, enter your student number and password. Your password is 'kbusfl2019' if you are using it for the first time. If you have problems with your password, please visit SFL Students Office.

- After you login, if you see F1/G/K under your student number, this is your letter grade for this period. 
F1: Failed due to absence
G: Successful
K: Failed

- To find out the exam rooms, you need to check the Exam Rooms tab. (ELT Exam Halls will be announced here)

- To find out about announced exam results, you need to visit the exam results page as shown in the picture:

- To find out your average score and success score for the current period, you need to visit the score card page as shown in the picture:

- To find out about your absence records, you need to visit the absentism page: