About Period 3 Lab Classes
Dear Students,

According to the regulations of School of Foreign Languages, language laboratory studies will be applied as of the current 3rd Period as follows:
* Information about the use of lab software will be given in the first week of the laboratory courses (Week 2). That week you need to complete your registration by attending the lab class according to your schedules. Attendance is compulsory in the first lab class. Students who do not have original material cannot participate in lab courses.
* In the following weeks, you do not have to attend the classes at the time of your program. Instructors will keep the laboratories open according to the schedules and will guide you in your studies. After the registration week, you can study the contents of the lab course map in lab classes.
* Detailed information about the use of software and grade calculation for each level will be explained by the instructor of the course in the first lab class. According to the given information, you need to complete the homework on the lab software.
* At the end of the period, according to the report received from the lab software, all your work will be graded as bonus points, which will have a maximum 3 points effect on your overall period average.